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Shopping for the first time?


The team at The Closet needs to verify placement paperwork.  This can be paperwork from DCBS/DCS or legal paperwork.  If you are unsure about the paperwork, please contact us.  We will only need to verify on the first shopping trip for that particular child.

Don't have paperwork?

If you took an emergency placement and don't have paperwork yet, we will still meet all the needs.  You will need to present paperwork before the next shopping trip.  Please have the placement worker call and verify or complete the referral form.

Do kids have to come?

Your kids are always welcome to come, but it is not mandatory that they be present to shop for. We have a playroom for them to enjoy if they don't want to do the shopping.

What does it cost?

Shopping at the closet for foster/kinship kids is free!  Our goal is to help meet immediate needs and other needs going forward.  We understand how quickly kids grow out of things.

Does this replace the clothing allowance?

Nothing that Joy Closet does for support should replace something that DCBS/DCS does for the children.

Do I send the clothes with the child?

The clothes and items do not have to be returned. You are welcome to send them with the child if they move or reunify.

  • clothing sizes newborn - adult 3XL

  • shoes (all sizes)

  • toiletries

    • shampoo/conditioner​

    • soap/body wash

    • toothpaste/toothbrushes

    • lotions and other products

  • diapers & wipes

  • baby formula & food

  • all baby items 

    • bottles​

    • swaddles

    • carriers

    • bathtubs

    • etc.

  • strollers

  • car seats

  • high chairs

  • backpacks & over night bags

  • blankets & sheets

  • twin beds, cribs, toddler beds

  • seasonal items

    • swim suits​

    • halloween costumes

    • prom dresses

  • toys & books

What do you have at the closet?

Shopping Guidelines

(allowed per child per visit)

  • 20 clothing items

  • 1 pkg of panties/underwear

  • 1 pkg of socks

  • 2 pairs of shoes

  • 2 bras

  • 2 large baby items (excluding car seats)

  • 1 car seat

  • 2 cans of baby formula

  • 1 of each toiletry item (as needed)

  • 2 bedding sets (per family)

Item Request Form
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