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How to get your church involved:

Host a Connecting Families

Joy Closet is looking for churches in the region to host and love on foster/kinship families.  This is typically two hours of the church loving on the kids while the parents have kid free time, providing a meal for the kids and parents and providing a separate space for the parents to have time to connect with other foster/kinship parents. Email or message us for more details!

Volunteer as a group

Joy Closet is always needing volunteers.  This is the perfect way to get small groups, life groups or Sunday school classes to join together and volunteer!  Email or message us for more details or to sign your group up.

Raise awareness

Becoming a foster friendly church will require bringing awareness to your congregation of the needs.  Not everyone is called to foster, but everyone can help by being in a village.  We would love to come and share with your church about how everyone can WRAP around foster/kinship families!  Email or message us for more details.

Host a monthly donation drive

Each month we will do a different donation drive of specific things we need to add to the closet. Reach out to us through the church mailing list or the individual mail list if you would like to stay in the loop.  We will also post these each month on our social media accounts.

Donate Financially

Financial gifts will allow Joy Closet to keep the lights on, have staff available, meet needs when items are not in stock at the closet, host events for foster/kinship kids and families and many other things.  Please consider a love offering or monthly donations.


A way that ALL churches can be involved in is prayer!  We will list different prayer request on our monthly newsletter that will go out to churches.  Please add your church to the church email list and feel free to pass it along to your church body each month!

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