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How Will a Satellite Closet Benefit My Community?

Joy Closet will encourage more families in your community to foster because they will have the variety of support that the Closet offers.

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How Will a Satellite Closet Benefit Foster and Kinship Families in My

Joy Closet will offer a variety of support to foster and kinship families in your

community through the giving of any and all tangible needs, as well as hosting events and providing support services.

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How will Joy Closet’s Executive Team Help as I Set Up a Satellite Closet in my Community?

Joy Closet’s executive team will guide you through the process of starting and

maintaining your satellite closet. They will be there every step of the way to

support you and set you up for success!

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Here's What You Need


You & 2 Friends

The 3 of you would take on the task of keeping the Satellite Closet up and running. Day-to-day operations would be decided upon by the 3 of you. With the guidance of team JC, the possibilities of what your satellite closet could like are endless.


Awareness of Resources

Know your community and what they have to offer. If you know the organizations that our Foster-Friends could benefit from, you'd be the perfect candidate.



Based upon what the need is in your area, you may need to be at the closet 1-2 hours a day or you may need to set appointments with those who desire the resources we provide.


A Location of Course

Lastly, You would surely need a location or space. This would need to be provided to you, by you, or fundraised/funded by you or community partners. 

Our Locations

Below you will find some of our established and growing satellite closet locations. Click the image to the corresponding location to find out more info!

Want More Info?

Fill out this inquiry form and we would be happy to send you more info.

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