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"When God revealed that he was looking for a foster closet to be opened in the Hopkinsville area, we really had no idea to what extent that meant.  Over the last several months, He has expanded the vision of Joy Closet again and again. All the tangible needs were getting met and people, videos and pictures began crossing paths.  Our next THREE visions are starting to take shape and we can't wait to see where we are led to from here!"
- Heather, Founder

"From the moment I stepped into the temporary location on Skyline Drive, it was clear that Joy Closet brought a sincere – much needed resource for families and children to the table in Christian County. I can attest to the heart-breaking need, seeing it daily in our Courts.  I remain amazed at the organized necessities so readily available for a family or child in crisis. The vision for additional services and resources beyond their current efforts is a need that must be met. Their identification of community groups, organizations and individuals, ready to participate and creating a table for attaining these goals is something Christian County and Western Kentucky desperately need."


Judge John Lindsey Adams

Christian County District Court

Connecting aging out teens with life skills, mentors and careers

Providing hope for children who enter the foster care system

Helping teens in crisis by providing a safe, temporary home


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